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When i press escape the screen becomes black in web vesion

is this intended



Doesn't work, stuck on "press enter"

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click and hold on the mouse

very fun!! reminds me of that flash game puzzle platformer, continuity. very cool concept, good art, nice music


Cool Game. Made me want to speedrun it

Do it again. And faster

Why is it so short... T^T There is a big grid and only 6-7 levels.

Amazing game! I love it! It's incredibly clever!

I love this! I finished the game and i cant wait untill its completely finnished. Amazing work!!


*me playing the game and getting stuck on the first level/puzzle* *looks at one of the walkthroughs and sees there are more pieces* WHERE DID YOU PULL THE OTHER PIECES FROM? YOUR ASS? (Im sorry i had to do this)

Great Job

how get to white save file

Get the blue key, then make sure the orange room in under the room where u get the save file from, then use that orange room to bounce all the way up to the white save file.


Octo and the Pocket Dimensions Walkthrough

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Nice proof of concept, seems like there's good potential for a full game. In its current form, both the puzzle and platforming aspects felt pretty light, hopefully one or both can be developed further to create a more substantial experience.


Cool puzzle game.

Cool concept!


Super clever mechanic figuring out the rooms! Especially having to spring jump from one room into another or collecting the proper key along the way. I don't know why I'm an octopus, but I'm totally on board with it! :D

Oh wow, this was really fun! I kinda wish that returning to the terminal room was less tedious, or at least that rooms didn't sometimes have bells you had to pass through (being able to grab a disk and leap into spikes to respawn at the terminal is a really cool mechanic).

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When I press enter on the start screen it doesn't work.

I'm on Chrome.

edit:It's just didn't work the first time I opened up the page.

Same here, except the problem has persisted every time I've tried to load the page.

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It also happens to me, but I had to reload!

I had the same problem

how do i get hte green floppy dlisk

Show post...

So smart concept, hopefully there is a full version soon


Nice game! Good luck creating the full version

This was a really good concept, plus enjoyed the music too. Great Job


Took me a LONG time to figure out how to get to higher up in the green room. Great puzzle though!!

This is a really good game!

I'm working on porting this to Scratch.

(Scratch is a coding website where you can code with blocks. Click here to see it.)




I think it couldn't be any better. You can't make a huge deal out of platformers nowadays. For a small little game it packs a big punch.

Could absolutely be a full game. Great work!

Quite a fun game. I only struggled cuz I'm a brainlet.


This game is very creative and logical, and I would like to see a full release someday.


i keep pressing enter and it dosent wor


if you click on something outside of the game that happens


but i did not press anything outside the game


try reloading i had the same problem and that helped

Clever game. Well done!


Amazing game I cant wait until the full release

hpw do i enter

I cant enter the game

I Got Stuck For A Little While But Eventually Figured It Out and That's What Makes A Good Puzzle Im Exited For The Full Game


Seriously, the puzzle to get to the white room was THE BEST puzzle I've ever played in any video game. The feeling I got when I understood how to use every single room to reach the final floppy disk was just unexplainable. Fantastic game! :)

I love vibe of the game


most have already said it, but as the game gets bigger, there will need to be some indication of important elements in the room other than just color. Keys are the only one that this build needs, but later mechanics might also need the indication. As for increasing complexity, routes that require going though different colored locks (and multiple rooms with the same colored key) can really make planning the route harder. An example would be to put an upwards exit in the green room, but then comes the complication of making sure players dont softlock themselves by falling from the top without the tools to get back up. maybe a reset button, or adopting the powerup systems of other metroidvanias?


Very good!

Because your making this into a full game, I have just a few bits of small feedback because I'm too bad at game design to give you any big advice

- The crystal spikes in the first area don't really scream THIS IS GOING TO KILL YOU, so I ended up jumping into them quite a few times

_ There were quite a few times in the bubble area where I ended up falling down into the bubble elevator and being flung back up or accidentally jumping into it, so that should be altered a bit to make that less likely

- There should be some indicator for how the rooms link up, like colors corresponding with keys that are needed or are there

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I don't think keeping track of what's in each room really adds much to the puzzle, it's just book-keeping.

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